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"Iconic Views In Every Direction"

It is always the most exciting projects that we're asked to be tightest lipped about.

Finally, we can not only spill the beans but share the video! Not four months ago, back in May a friend reached out to me regarding a project where we would be documenting the creation of a camera obscura; a camera made from a pinhole opening with enough light to produce an image if you so choose. If that isn't enough to pique the interest of most any camera nerd... I was then told it was on the 48th floor of 101 Park Avenue, a building adjacent to Grand Central, which boast 360 views of New York City's most iconic buildings and views.

We followed artist Brendan Barry as he, with the help of 20 photography students, transformed the entire floor of a New York City skyscraper into a camera obscura. The result was truly breathtaking, almost magical, recounting the most basic principles of image making we all learn as young artist seeking to render something honest and momentous to share.

And now I can share what we created.

Special thanks to Favorite Child Creative, Nicholas Kalikow, Diane Richey, Kyle Roper, Dagen K. Merrill, and Andy Whitlatch for bringing me onto something I can say without any sarcasm was truly magical.

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