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Pressure Makes Diamonds

In the wake of a politically charged and derisive time in America, stories of bravery emerge. The tales of bold trailblazers once rediculed and ostrasized for seeing beyond the times they lived in are now revisited, their tales are re-examined, remembered, and with some luck, they are shared.

This tale was one I didn't know anything about until I became part of the team to tell it.

A physicist by trade, and daughter to an astronaut, Janet Guthrie was no ordinary woman. But what no one knew she would be, was the first female to ever qualify and race in one of the largest spectacles on earth which to that point a woman had never stepped foot in, The Indianapolis 500. Now, 80 years old, Guthrie returns to the track where she paved a way for women to make not only a name for themselves, but also a career.

Check out the full story on NPR, you might even recognize a familiar face in the press photos...

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