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When Life Imitates Art

AT LONG LAST! An absolute mind bending project from over a year ago that inspired a crew of creative collaborators across many fields to create a piece of work worth sharing with the masses! This AI learns from a beatboxer how to create unique sounds and ultimately battles its teacher in this last episode of a six part series.


This is the We Speak Music Documentary by Reeps One - Episode 6, Second Self - Human and Machine. #WeSpeakMusic Reeps One and his digital beatboxing A.I. 'twin' perform a duet together inside the Nokia Bell Labs Anechoic Chamber. The word "anechoic" literally means "without echo". The chamber was once the quietest room in the world where much of today’s understanding of sound representation and how to model the voice was unlocked. The We Speak Music documentary is presented by Nokia Bell Labs and was produced by Lonelyleap.



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