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See What Essence Has to Say About Our New VH1 Show

Never a dull moment working freelance in New York City but not every call or every job is quite this special. I am thrilled to see the unveiling of a vision I could not be more honored to have been a part of.

I was called by Director Felicia Stevens and Producer Sarita Anauth with a pitch about a show that was JUST up my alley. We had a small team and a small window but a lot of interest to create a visual landscape that would lend itself to the comfort and celebration of many black beauties of all genders and walks of life.

My hope was to create a safe space for people of color, namely women, to speak on so many issues surrounding the state of the culture with confidence and honesty. VH1 gave us the platform and resources to make room for conversation so many women, people of color, and allys are having every day.

Our first episode airs this Saturday, November 2nd at 1:00pm so please don't miss! You can find our Trailer and Episode One right here under the Portfolio page on on YouTube!

Read up about our show in Essence Magazine or

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