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Breaking Barriers

In the wake of a politically charged year, I have had the pleasure for working on a number of project that are good for the soul. I could not be more proud to be a part of these or thrilled to share the work of fantastic teams of filmmakers and new voices rising in growing stronger despite the adversity they face. I hope you will take the time to view the two newest videos on our Portfolio page to see people of color and queer people who are redefining industries and creating a whole new culture for marginalized peoples.

(Still from "Bevel Mirrrors : The Anthem")

Bevel Mirrors : Anthem, like the name suggests, is an anthem made by The Walker Company, for men of color. Grooming is a lesson some of us are taught by parents, by friends, and sometimes commercials, and we all know the pains of using products that are not suited to your needs or don't have our best interest in mind. Bevel is working to put an end to the discomforts men face when shaving and give a sense of pride when those same men look in the mirror.

(Still from "My House")

Viceland's bold new show, My House, premiering on March 25th 10:30pm EST and soon to be available on and (no subscription necessary) follows the lives of four New York voguers as they transcend the queer ballroom scene. If you don't know how to duckwalk you better learn quick. Pulling back the veil on what so many find fearful: a colorful, vibrant, thriving community of empowered people whose creativity and talent can not be suppressed.

Special thanks to some incredible camera folks who took me along for these rides. I can't wait to share more work like this.

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